Category: 4-1a. HQs

Mortarion the Reaper, Daemon Primarch of the Death Guard

Speaker Vapidus, Dark Apostle

Arch-Heretek Ferrugo, Chaos Hellwright

Disciple Putris, Malignant Plaguecaster

Lord Mortuus, Lord of Contagion

Dreadlord Morior, The Tyrant of Tabus

Necrosius the Undying, Hand of Nurgle

Necrosius the Undying Necrosius was once an Apothecary of the Death Guard Legion of Space Marines during the Great Crusade whose original name has long been purged from all Imperial records. During the early days of the Horus Heresy, soon after the Death Guard turned against the Emperor of Mankind, when the Traitor Legion’s fleet…

Prince Saprus, Voice of Nurgle

  Prince Saprus, known as “The Voice of Nurgle” was the first Daemon Prince dedicated to Nurgle soley. After the four Chaos Gods had learned to not combine their powers together into a single being granted Daemonhood (Be’lakor) each sought out their own mortal champion to elevate to daemonhood. His history lost to time itself,…