Category: 7. Sold Models

Arkanaut Admiral Gormrik Zantromm

First Arkanaut Company

Endrinmaster Azuldang Grundvarag

Second Arkanaut Frigate (Karaz)

First Arkanaut Frigate (Gnol)

First Dire Avenger

Biel-Tan Farseer

First Taurox Prime

First Tempestus Scion – Redo

First Tempestus Scion

First Death Korp of Krieg Infantryman

Custodes Finished

Third Plague Toad of Nurgle

Second Plague Toad of Nurgle

First Plague Toad of Nurgle

Havoc Champion Finished

Fourth Redone Havoc

Third Redone Havoc

Second Redone Havoc

First Redone Havoc

Ninth Plaguebearer

Third Plaguebearer

Second Plaguebearer

First Plaguebearer

Another Plague Marine Finished

Fifth Terminator Finished

Fourth Terminator Finished

Third Terminator Finished

Another Terminator Finished

Another Plague Marine Finished

Chaos Nurgle Terminator Finished

Dire Avengers Exarch WIP

Visarch, Sword of Ynnead

Dire Avengers Exarch WIP

Visarch Continued WIP

Visarch Test Painting

Aegis Line Alternative

The Yncarne WIP

Laetus, Plague Marine Champion

Rubric Marine for Friend

Elysian Drop Troops Valkyrie Update [WIP]

Elysian Drop Troops Valkyrie

First Elysian Drop Trooper Finished

First Elysian Drop Trooper [WIP]

New Plague Marine Finished

Black Templars Initiate & 3 Neophytes

Storm Eagle


Sword Brethren

First Two Finish Plague Marines

Thudd Gun

This is a continuation of using the Forgeworld Renegade Militia Conversion Set along with the Renegade Militia Arms product. The legs are as suggested by FW from the Cadian Shock Troopers plastic kit. In this picture is also the Forgeworld Imperial Quad Launcher ‘Thudd Gun’ model which is a pretty nice kit if not a bit expensive…

Daemon Prince of Nurgle

First 10 Plague Zombies

You will have to excuse the poor picture, but given that they are just zombies it does a fine job of showing off their details. These models are from Manic Games and are fitting called Zombie Horde/Swarm. They are a good kit for a decent price that fill a whole in the line of GW/FW range….

Commanders – Together At Last

Its been about 6 months since I stripped all the paint off my original Black Templar army. It is nice to see the Marshal Godfrey, Chaplain Constantine, and Emperor’s Champion Grigor back together again (and now much better painted!)

Emperor’s Champion Grigor [WIP] [H3]

Second Assault Squad (Mostly) Done

First Assault Squad (Mostly) Finished

First Devastator Squad (Mostly) Finished

First Devastator Squad

Chaplain Gerhard [H4]

Chaplain Constantine [H2]


Sword Brother Baldwin, Second Knight of Honors [S1]

Marshal Godfrey of Olde, First Knight of Honors [H1]

Avatar of Khaine [WIP]

  The last lingering element of my Eldar Warhost. I won’t get rid of him, maybe someday I will even be able to fight him with an Eldar buddy wielding my old friend here.

Chaplain Constantine [WIP]

Marshal Godfrey of Olde [WIP]

First Neophyte Finished

Next Five Templars (Mostly) Done

First Five Templars (Mostly) Done

End Of Year 2015 Update – Black Templars

Pre-2015 Old Models/Games