Prince Saprus, known as “The Voice of Nurgle” was the first Daemon Prince dedicated to Nurgle soley. After the four Chaos Gods had learned to not combine their powers together into a single being granted Daemonhood (Be’lakor) each sought out their own mortal champion to elevate to daemonhood. His history lost to time itself, Saprus has participated in many of the events that haunt the dawn of mankind and the Imperium itself. During the year M34 he was sought out by Necrosius to aid in the Blighting of the Eldar Maiden World of Cth’rawl, and after having agreed, his power aided greatly in the Warband’s success. Saprus and the Apostles of Contagion worked well together in combat, and the Daemon Prince has continued to fight alongside them spreading Nurgle’s gifts since.

The model I used is from a company called Ultraforge; this particular one being called the Plaguedemon. It was a nice kit to work with sans the mold line in the left armor pauldron which were impossible to get out without ruining detail. Luckily it makes the armor look scaled and thus acceptable in a finished version. The wings have to be purchased separately and are more fragile than I would have hoped. Overall a great modeling experience!