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My third Renegade and this time the Vox Caster model! Still from the same Forgeworld Renegade Militia Conversion Set/Renegade Militia Arms/Games Workshop Cadian Shock Troops combination that all of my other ones will be made from. I think the paint job on it came out acceptable but not fantastic. In hindsight I was a bit too light on the rust, did not fill out the eye green glow enough, and missed two of the three gauges on his vox unit. Additionally (as with the rest of my first 20 Renegades) the mold lines on the legs was left in place and looks fairly bad. I primed 20 of my Renegades before removing those and regret it now, however, removing it with the primer on will create a whole new slew of problems so they are all just going to have the lines in place. Oh well. Hopefully the next version of this model will come out better, but at least this is more than good enough to die for Nurgle in glory.