This is a continuation of using the Forgeworld Renegade Militia Conversion Set along with the Renegade Militia Arms product. The legs are as suggested by FW from the Cadian Shock Troopers plastic kit. In this picture is also the Forgeworld Imperial Quad Launcher ‘Thudd Gun’ model which is a pretty nice kit if not a bit expensive for what you get. The sculpt for this Renegade I’m not as ecstatic about as the last Renegade I did, I think he still looks good and will make a fine addition to my Renegades/Cultists but this one is one of my least favorites out of the box. I have three more “Thudd Guns” to build and paint, though I may end up selling this painted one and the 3 unpainted ones to invest the money into cheaper alternative models as well as additional Renegade models. I’ll sit on that decision for now and go about painting more.